Advantages and disadvantages of mass communication

Advantages of mass communication

Facilitates an exchange of thoughts and ideas
By size, facilitates disseminate information, increase the speed with which a message travels
It is a way to link parts staple of social life
Fueling the need to reduce certainty
Alleviates daily stress
Compensates some frustration
Supports self-identification effort
Provides oversight public
Terminate forms of deviance and social sactioneaza
Reply to specific expectations with varying degrees of satisfaction
Posts complex, large amount of data
Alternative offers substantial
Mediate between the state and public relations and of their individual media
Identifies, selects, evaluates, presents events etc.. summary

Disadvantages of mass communication (in terms of recipient)

· The relationship between source and receiver is usually unambiguous. The public is under the direct control of the communicator

· The contents of the communication needs arise from the public, information will be processed so as to meet those needs

· Professionalization substantial media specialists have a negative effect because messages are institutions providing guided by criteria eficintei

· Turn the sensational newspaper

· Distorted perceptions of real world

· Create (sometimes unintended) models false, “bad”, the public is exposed, but not able to select and process information (children, sick, etc..)

· The message, however objective he is distorted since the source (bias creator)

· Post effects depending on the nature of cognitive, affective and behavioral

· Can easily induce certain types of public misinformation

· Produces changes, facilitate or strengthen the opinions or beliefs that may be wrong, dangerous social, etc..

· Handles audiences by changing, changing contextualitatii an event, news, etc..


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